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In addition to his clinics on the Brassword Method of teaching young brass players, Scott offers a wealth of other presentations based on his many decades of brass teaching and conducting. His Brassword Residencies (from 2-5 days) allow for in-depth training of the Brassword Method to both students and music faculty in your school or district. Residencies may also include specific additional work with tuba and euphonium students or all brass, his performance, and teaching specialty.


Here is a list of clinics being offered currently. Don’t see a topic you are looking for? Contact Scott and let’s get creative!

Brassword Method Essentials (Pedagogical Focus for Educators)

Brassword Method Training Sessions (For students, faculty, or both)

5 Ways to Boost Your Musicianship Into Hyper-Drive (For any Instrumentalist)

Brass Embouchure Function-“Making Chops”

Creating Performance Love and Confidence in Students (For Educators)

Are You Looking at Me? (Conducting Tips from the Back Row)

March Isn’t a Four-Letter Word! (Creative Ways to Bring Marches to Life)

Tuba-Euphonium “BASSics” (Fundamentals for Students)



In addition, Scott is glad to present sectional and individual work as part of his residencies. His approach is to provide help where help is needed!

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